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Liquidity for Private Company Shares with Ziv Keinan, Co-Founder & CEO of Simetria


Host Kelvin Wong talks with Ziv Keinan, Co-Founder & CEO of Simetria, about a number of interesting topics including:
• What are Security Tokens?
• What are Restricted Token Units (RTUs)?
• The benefits of RTUs to private companies and their employees
• How do RTUs address the liquidity issue of private company shares?
• The current regulatory environment for Security Tokens
• Common misconceptions about Security Tokens
• Major challenges for institutional adoption of Security Tokens
• How does the recent market downturn impact institutions’ plan on adoption of Security Tokens?
• Key implementation considerations for issuing RTUs
• Ziv’s background and his journey into crypto
• What Simetria does and the problems it solves
• And more

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