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Our Mission

Simetria's mission is to partner with Private Companies to help them win the increasingly intense competition for talent through compelling, cost-effective equity compensation.

Fixing the broken equity market

Equity compensation has the potential to be a valuable, life changing benefit. Unfortunately, this is rarely the case for employees of start-ups, as any opportunities to exercise equity into cash are usually only offered to high level executives. Unless private companies organize a secondary liquidity event, it’s almost impossible for employees to sell.

Simetria's Solution

Simetria is making things better for both private companies and their employees, by allowing companies to manage their equity more effectively, and helping them to provide employees with sale opportunities which increase the value they attach to their equity holding, aiding their retention and motivation. It also assists in winning the competition for talent by offering a more valuable compensation package.


About Simetria

Founded by a highly experienced team of finance, regulatory and technology professionals, Simetria has developed a blockchain-based tokenization and exchange platform powered by Algorand, enabling private companies to digitize and trade non-bankable securities. These can then be made available to investors globally, providing novel access to exciting investment opportunities, while enabling start-ups and unlisted firms to compete for talent with public companies on a more level footing.

Simetria received an initial green light in the form of a no-action letter from its domestic regulator, the Israel Securities Authority, in Q1 2021. Initially the company will focus on the Israeli global innovation hub, to be followed by international roll-out leveraging its membership of Ownera, the global digital securities network of financial institutions.

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